5 Delicious Paleo Cookie and Bar Recipes

It's that time again, time to give you our rounded up of some of the most delicious Paleo recipes we can find on the net. Today we are bringing you some of the tastiest, Paleo safe Cookie and Bar recipes. All of these recipes are Paleo Diet safe an provide a healthy alternative when you are craving something sweet. Since we limited our round-up to only 5 recipes I am sure that we missed some delicious ones out there. If you know of a paleo cookie recipe you think should be on the list, then let us know in the comments.

  1. 1

    Paleo Walnut and Date Bars

    This Paleo safe recipe keeps things simple with only three ingredients. Dates, walnuts and honey are all that is needed to make a delicious Paleo snack bar. To make things even easier this recipe is all raw, no cooking required. Simply add the ingredients in a food processor and the mold the results into whatever shape your heart desires.


    • dates, chopped
    • walnuts, chopped
    • organic honey


  2. 2

    Paleo Chocolate Almond Coconut Bars

    These scrumptious Paleo bars are the perfect on the go snack when you are craving something sweet. There happens to be a lot of ingredients in this recipe, but the prep time really doesn't take that long. You will need to chill the Almond Coconut mix before adding the melted dark chocolate, but this really didn't take us too long. This recipe will make roughly 24 paleo bars so you will have more than enough to share with your friends.


    • whole raw almonds
    • shredded unsweetened coconut
    • almond butter
    • virgin coconut oil
    • coconut flour
    • salt
    • molasses or honey
    • vanilla extract
    • 70-85% dark chocolate


  3. 3

    Paleo Almond Flour Sugar Cookies

    This is the first of our Paleo Cookie/Bar recipes to require a little cooking, but don't worry the prep work is quite simple. All you need to do is blend the ingredients and then pop a tray in the oven for 15 minutes. If you would like to get all sorts of fancy with cookie cutters, all you need to do is bake the mix for 5 minutes so that it becomes firm enough to use a cookie cutter on. Then pop your fancy cookies back into the over for the remainder of the cooking time.


    • Coconut Oil, Organic
    • Coconut Palm Sugar, for sprinkling
    • Almond Meal/Flour
    • Eggs, Pastured, whisked
    • Sea Salt
    • Pure Vanilla Extract
    • Maple Syrup, Grade B


  4. 4

    Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Who doesn't love a warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie? Big shout out to Melissa over at Delicious Housewife for coming up with this great Paleo safe version of the recipe. The core of this recipe is in the almond flour and the coconut flour. Unlike your run of the mill, unhealthy flour, these flours provide a lighter texture the crumbles in your mouth.


    • almond flour
    • coconut flour
    • coconut palm sugar
    • coconut oil
    • vanilla
    • sea salt
    • baking soda
    • dark chocolate chips
    • eggs


  5. 5

    Paleo Woopie Pies

    Last but not least on the list we have the Paleo Whoopie Pies. These little treats not only have a cookie outside, but also a nice and fluffy vanilla frosting filling. This recipe is not 100% Pale like the rest of our recipes, but it is still delicious and gets ride of the majority of the ingredients we loath as aspiring cavemen.


    • blanched almond flour - subbed 1 c hazelnut flour, for 1 c each of almond and hazelnut
    • sea salt
    • baking soda
    • cinnamon
    • ginger (dried)
    • allspice
    • nutmeg
    • honey (or other sweetener)
    • eggs
    • vanilla


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