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Grass Fed Beef Delivery - San Diego

  • May 29, 2013
Grass Fed Beef

We have teamed up with True Pasture Beef to bring the freshest possible grass fed beef right to your doorstep. Unfortunately this great service is limited to the San Diego area, but if you do live in San Diego this is a great opportunity.

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To Die for Paleo Breads: 3 of the Best Paleo Bread Recipes From Around the Web

So one of the perks of writing about all things Paleo is a chance to be your own guinea pig. Sitting down this weekend Russell and I decided to review what looked to be the three best Paleo Bread recipes we could find on the web. Warning: making 3 awesome Paleo breads in one day can be detrimental to your mental health, the peak of your primal life happening on a random Saturday might lead to severe depression or excessive Paleo bread intake.

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5 Awesome Pre-Workout Paleo Diet Snacks

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When looking for the right pre-workout Paleo snack, it's important to go after a snack that produces energy, provides adequate protein and is quick to make.

When I'm planning my pre-workout meal, I'm lucky enough to be working at a desk (It has its positives and negatives J). This gives me flexibility to plan how long before my workout I need to fuel. Ideally I shoot for 45 minutes to an hour between feed and warm up.

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Paleo Restaurants in San Diego

Eating out and eating healthy sometimes seem like an oxymoron when looking at the menus of most restaurants these days. As the Paleo/Primal movement picks up steam, we are seeing more and more Paleo friendly restaurants pop up everywhere. If you live in the San Diego area checkout our list of top Paleo Diet friendly places to grab a bite.

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