Shipping & Return Policies

If you don't see the answer to you question below, please contact us and ask us your questions directly.

Shipping Costs

We provide flat shipping rates based on your order's total:

  • $5 shipping for orders $15 or less.
  • $10 shipping for orders between $15 and $50.
  • $20 shipping for orders over $50.

Shipping Method

We work with distributors in many different locations so it is possible that not all the items in your order will arrive at the same time. Almost all of our distributors ship using USPS Priority Mail so from the time your order is fulfilled you will receive it within 3-5 days. Please contact us if you would like to know the status of your order.

Return Policy

We will do our best to work with you if you receive a product that you are unhappy with, but since our products are food based all sales are final unless the product is defective or has expired. If you receive a product that is less than satisfactory please contact us.