Fuel Kit

Fuel Kit
Fuel Kit
Fuel Kit
Fuel Kit

Fuel Kit


Quantity: 1 Nut Mix, 1 Jerky Pack, 1 Shaker Bottle

Ingredients: Almonds, Pecans, Cranberries, Sunflower Oil, Beef Jerky


The ultimate in nutritious snacks for any and every occasion. Typical Beef Jerky falls into two categories full of processed Sugar or full of MSG. What we intend to provide with the Cattaneo Bros fuel kits is a clear healthy choice, the necessary protein and energy without the bad byproducts.

The Cattaneo Fuel Kits are MSG and Sugar FREE! Giving you the great benefit of healthy energy in the form of cholesterol decreasing fats (nuts), energy needed for protein synthesis (fruit), and protein for muscle rebuilding and energy (beef jerky).

The Fuel Kit is the complete resource for an on-the-go healthy lifestyle. The jerky, fruits, & nuts are perfect for carrying your meal when you get in a crunch or need a great pre-workout snack. The protein shaker rounds out the complete Fuel Kit with a blender ball to prevent any chunky shakes.

*All Natural, NO MSG, Sugar FREE Beef Jerky, Full Nutrients, Fast Energy, Convenient, Complete Protein, ZIP Rich (zinc, iron, protein)

Kit Includes:

  • Cranberry Nut Mix (4 Oz)
  • Original Natural Style Extra Thin cut 100% Beef Jerky (3 Oz)
  • Blender Bottle with metal shaker

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